iFratelli Pizza, Inc. of Texas and The Cole Family Personally Made Illegal Payday Loans to Employees in Violation of Federal Law

Employees and formers employees of iFratelli Pizza, Inc., it's franchises, affiliates and subsidiaries may have been harmed by illegal lending activity by their employer. This activitiy is alleged to have occurred between 2006 and 2021 at various locations across Texas. Employees were advanced loans against upcoming employment compensation, essentially constituting a payday lending arrangement. The loans were alleged to have been made in complete contravention of federal and state laws. Further, loans were made at rates deemed to be predatory and in violation of FTC Guidelines. Additionally, payroll taxes may have been illegally impounded by the employer.

If you believe you may have been wronged by iFratelli Pizza, Inc. and/or the Cole brothers, please provide your information and we will provide you options as our investigation progresses.

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